About Roshetta the Las Vegas Hair Stylist.....

Becoming a Hair Stylist has always been my passion and dream , so I take my career very seriously. Your hair will not be just done, it will be actually cared for.
What make me stand out?
I do not work on more than one client at a time, unless the services flow together. So that means you will not be in the salon for hours waiting on me to finish other clients. You will leave at a reasonable time.


I am a Certified Dream Catcher Extension Tech but I offer other services as well. I have also been Certified by Patric Bradley after attending one of his Hair Color Melody Boot Camp classes. I am always continuing my education by taking advance hair cutting/styling/ color classes.
****I am Licensed****


​Giving High quality customer service to my clients is my #1 priority, so you will always be comfortable and relaxed in my drama free environment. I like my environment to remain drama free so if you are causing any problems I have the right to refuse service to any guest.
Although it is impossible to please everyone in the world, but my missions is to make sure you are satisfied before you exit the salon. I enjoy changing a persons look even if its for a night out on the town, self esteem boost, special event or if you just want a new look.
I work with all hair textures. Everyone is welcomed, come on in and let me create a new look for you.
****See You Soon****








I like to work with models too...

Behind the Scene....

Las Vegas Hair Stylist

Roshétta S.

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